How stress could be to blame for your Hormonal Acne.

Another major player in hormonal acne is the hormone cortisol, if this hormone becomes imbalanced due to high periods of stress it can result in all matter of health issues, one of them being hormonal acne.

Why does this happen when cortisol is the hormone that deals with stress?
Cortisol is our primary stress hormone, it increases the glucose in our bloodstream, switches on our brains use of glucose and increases tissue repairing substances availabilities, basically it puts us into fight or flight mode.

During stressful periods of time when your cortisol levels peak, the skins response will be for the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. When the skin overproduces sebum the skin will become oily, the pores will clog and become inflamed leading not only to acne but, other skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis will elevate.

It’s important to keep your stress levels under control for your skin and many other health reasons, this can be done by removing stressors, undertaking a healthy balanced diet, lowering your alcohol and caffeine intake, exercising regularly and practising breathing techniques.

During these stress related hormonal breakout periods your skins barrier function will become impaired, it is really important to consider this when putting everything else into practice to remove your stressors. Our repair and renew charcoal and our cream and our miracle healing green cream will help to repair you skins natural barrier function.

Our products are made with only natural ingredients, they will not enhance further hormone disruption due to synthetic, plastic and chemical additives. We are very keen to help protect the environment wherever we can, so decided to put our creams in glass jars. This not only helps you, but also helps our wonderful earth. 

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