Skincare tips for under 40's

It’s a time when we are looking for a skin care regime that changes with our years, it seems that what was ok for our skin in our twenties doesn’t seem to fit anymore. So what are the key things that we should be looking at: 

Here are a few tips that to anybody that is looking to keep their skin looking as fresh as it did in our twenties could do well to look at.

Tip 1: Naturelle.

Use a natural oil cleanser, you will find that they are not as harsh as a lot of cream and foam cleansers.

Tip 2: Protect your skin from free radicals.

We need to think about protecting our skin from free radical damage, using an antioxidant serum underneath your moisturiser will become a great ally of your skin. If your skin seems a little less plump than usual, you can also add in the use of a hyaluronic acid here too.

Tip 3: Choose a moisturiser that will heal and balance.

You may be toiling with the hormonal issues of pregnancy or changing periods, as we know hormones can play havoc with your skin and show up in the manner of breakouts, pigmentation, rashes and redness, consider this when choosing your moisturiser, choose a moisturiser that will heal and balance. Our skin has a lot to cope with in these times using products as natural as possible is a must.

Tip 4: Invest in a good Retinol.

As we are starting to see the first signs of ageing now such as fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone, this is the time we should be investing in a good retinol. These are fantastic home use applications to help speed up the cellular turnover of the skin and address these signs of ageing.

Tip 5: SPF is your friend.

Protection of the skin is a must, above all you must use a physical sunscreen, as harmful UVA rays are one of the main creators of free radicals that will prematurely age your skin

Tip 6: You are what you eat.

There are an array of oral supplements that can be taken for the skin that purport to be necessary for skin health such as zinc, omega 3s, vitamin C, Iron, Collagen etc, these all have there place as does a balanced healthy diet and plenty of water, remember, we are what we eat, pay attention to your skin. It’s a tell tale sign that something isn’t quite right.

Tip 7: Use Amour Skincare's home made range.

With all of this in mind, we decided to create a wonderful set of moisturising creams to deal with the issues of an impaired skin barrier function and ageing such as acne, dry skin, sun damaged skin, eczema, psoriasis, hormonal breakouts and early signs of ageing. These are little natural miracles in a jar, home made just for you.

Our creams are not only plant based, natural, vegan and cruelty free, we chose beautiful little glass jars with aluminium lids to do our bit for our beautiful environment.

Is there a woman who out there who wouldn't love to wake up everyday, glowing with no need for any make up other than a touch of lipstick?

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