The 30 Day Smile Challenge

Millions of people struggle with unwanted stains and discolouring of their teeth. And in a world where we are ever more conscious of the way we look in person and on social media we are looking for ways to keep up appearance. Teeth whitening used to be expensive, time-consuming, and so potentially toxic that only licensed dentists could safely administer it. Until you came across this page that is 😉

Nathan used our Teeth Whitener for 30 days

Let's talk about the product itself and what exactly it can help with.

Removing Tough Stains: Our teeth whitener tough stains left by years of coffee, tea, smoking, and other indulgences.

Safe & Gentle: Our whitener is made with non toxic ingredients such as bleach or peroxide making them safe and gentle for the teeth and gums.

It cleans too: We changed our formula to make it mintier than ever, so when rinsed you get a clean feeling you might not get from others.

New packaging: Made with the environment in mind our new jars are plastic free, mess free and the perfect size for travel.

Now for the product making our customers fall back in love with their smile! Drumroll please...... 🥁

Introducing our newly packaged, mintier Teeth Whitening Powder

What does this our Teeth Whitener do?

Looking to remove plaque and get pearly teeth? Within just a few weeks you will see a drastic improvement in the whiteness of your teeth. Our signature and trusted Teeth Whitener is 100% natural, non abrasive and proven.

The activated charcoal works to remove surface stains that your everyday toothpaste can't by absorbing harmful from the tooth's surface with premium natural ingredients and a fantastic minty taste. Retains the teeth's original colour and remove tough stains while not damaging the teeth's enamel.

What ingredients are involved in making our teeth whitener?

Natural Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Calcium Carbonate, Bentonite Clay, Menthol

100% Guilt Free: You can buy our product knowing that it is not tested on animals, it is 100% natural, it is vegan friendly and it is completely plastic free.

Additional Benefits: No artificial fragrance | No synthetic colours | No parabens | No phthalates | No palm oil | No alcohol | No animal derivatives | No Plastic Packaging

How To Use: Take your tooth brush, dampen it then dip it in the glass jar. Apply to your teeth as you would normal toothpaste for 2 - 3 minutes giving a good scrub. Rinse with water.

Suggested Use: Daily for up to 30 days

Five Reasons to Choose Amour for your 30 Day Smile Challenge

100% Happiness Guarantee

We stand by our product. So much so that if you don't have a whiter smile within 30 days of using our Teeth Whitener we will give you your money back.

But don't just take our word for it. See our customers successes below


Teeth Whitener
Teeth Whitener
Teeth Whitener
Teeth Whitener
Teeth Whitener
Teeth Whitener
Teeth Whitener
Teeth Whitener

Teeth Whitener


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