We've ALLLLLL seen this before haven't we?

BRAND NEW CREAM WILL MAKE YOU LOOK 30 YEARS YOUNGER WITH JUST 1 USE, BUY IT NOW FOR JUST... ( Price normally varies between £5 and £30 )

We're sat there like " ahhhhhhhhh, 30 years younger for just £5? with free next day shipping, do I take 1 more punt, this MUST be the golden ticket to perfect skin!!!! "

Then ladies it turns up, you use it onceeeeee, twiceeeeee, threee timessssssss, maybe even four and a significant other has yet to comment on how absolutely flawless your skin is looking today, we look in the mirror and we see absolutely no difference and the HUNT CONTINUES!

So who am I and why should you keep reading this post? Well I'm Jamie, i'm 31 and on the way home from picking my son up from school, my mother ( the founder of Amour Skincare ) called me and said Jay, we haven't had a blog post in a while can you make one please? "Of course, you'll need to spell check it though, I'll do it once I've put Chase to sleep " Put a bit of humour in there Jay it will keep people reading " How do I do that? Just write, it's bound to come out. 

Well here I am, its 20:30pm, I've put Chase to sleep and this administrator by day, blog writer by night is going to give you an insight into Amour Skin Care and try and persuade you to give one of them a go. 'I'm going to show you why these cream my mother created really can be your golden ticket to better skin.

So at this point I've still got your attention ( I hope ) so let me just give you a brief introduction about our wonderful company. Amour Skin Care is a family run business. Everything from creating the creams to maintaining the website is handled by family in our spare time. We're a small operation and we don't outsource anything, even our customer emails are answered by the mother in any spare time she has away from her skin clinic so when it comes to skin you really are in safe hands, that I promise you :) 

Me (Jamie) and Maxine (Mother)

The wonderful product and one of our success stories Emma

The wonderful product and one of our great success stories, Ruby.

So at this point we've covered the problem - Those creams that claim to make you look as good as my 53 year old mother does ( Yes really, shes 53 ) BUT they never do. I've given you a brief introduction to Amour Skin Care and who's behind the screen and now it's time to get to the good stuff, the creams!

Now I don't want to sit here and sound all cliche and be like, Ohhhh so my mother saw a gap in the market for a cream in a jar because that's the point where you just hit the big X button and I lose you but what I will say is she was just look many of you, trying product after product from the big skin care brands like Elemis and Medik8 and being generally satisfied with what she was using but what she wasn't satisfied with was two things.

- What she was actually putting onto her skin ( the 100 odd ingredients each product had ) 
- Having to use multiple products and not just being able to use 1 that served the purpose of the multiple - basically she wanted an all in 1!

I'm not going to sit here and say my mother had terrible skin, she didn't! But she was getting older and she didn't think there was any way that using all these products with all of these ingredients could be beneficial at all let alone the fact that none of them were actually ' the golden ticket ' and THIS is why she set out on her adventure to create these creams.

Mother really is the perfect ambassador for Amour Skin Care, not only because she created the creams and truly believes in them. But she uses them every day ( currently the Mature skin cream. )

Anyone who comes to my mothers clinic before recommending any treatments for problem skin she always tells people to give our creams a go first as she really believes these creams can change peoples lives.

What I want to say next is that yes, some of the results we see from our creams, at times, we can't even believes ourselves, in-fact not a day goes by where mother isn't screaming and shouting about the results another customer has had BUT this isn't due to some sort of secret ingredient like the Coca Cola recipe.

This was a combination of research, testing and a lot of hard work. Creating the recipe for the creams and getting them into your hands is only half the story. lots and lots of our customers see great results but others don't, and one of those people might be you and that's where my mother goes the extra mile.

For those that don't, we work hand in hand to see how we can help them maximise the results they want to achieve and if the cream still isn't giving you the results you would like we offer a 30 day money back guarantee AND we honour it :)

Well you're still here and that's absolutely wonderful, it means i've either made you laugh, you're absolutely sold and your ready to buy, you're intrigued or your bored and passing time. As long as you're not fitting in the later I suppose the next question would be... Jamie, If I was to give one of these a go what cream would be best for me as you have quite a few?

The Repair & Renew Cream

The Holy Grail / The King of the hill / The crowning glory

Skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Hormonal Acne, Pigmentation & Discolouring. Don't think twice, just get your card details ready. The repair and renew cream is the one that EVERY SINGLE before and after we generally have has been used to achieve. The golden ticket for skin conditions. 


or make 4 interest-free payments of £5.00 GBP fortnightly with  More info

Free shipping with this cream
30 day happiness guarantee with this cream


The Mature Skin Cream

The one my mother uses morning and night. 

If you've just looked at my mother and thought she can't be 53 and if she is what on earth is she using on her face? Well the mature skin cream is for you, great for fine lines and wrinkles, an even skin tone, keeping the skin hydrated and rolling back those years.


or make 4 interest-free payments of £5.00 GBP fortnightly with  More info

Free shipping with this cream
30 day happiness guarantee with this cream


The Relaxing Night Cream

Voted as the favourite by our customers for evening maintenance.

If you liked 'my busk' and just want to support our wonderful business well then the Relaxing Night Cream is the one for you. It's also perfect for maintenance and just maintaining good looking, well hydrated skin. This cream is also a great primer according to our customers.


or make 4 interest-free payments of £5.00 GBP fortnightly with  More info

Free shipping with this cream
30 day happiness guarantee with this cream


Something to make you all aware of is that creams can be used once or twice a day and you only need the TINIEST amount of cream! Don't waste it unnecessarily, start with a pea sized amount rather than a sprout!!

So now you know a bit about us. You have a little inclin why over 30,000 individuals use Amour Skin Care and you're ready for the golden ticket to perfect skin, which one are you going for?