Is this 'miracle' cream everything it's been made out to be?

The product: Amour Skincare's Repair and Renew cream: This product has been popping up on our news feeds for the past 2 months, making massive claims about what it can do for the skin in such a short period of time, so for our first product review, we figured this would be a fantastic starting point.

Amour Skincare claims that the Repair and Renew cream combats:

➡️ Eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis
➡️ Acne and rosacea
➡️ Dry skin
➡️ Dull skin, thinning skin and uneven skin tone
➡️ Burns, sunburn and nappy rash
➡️ Skin infections and excess sebum

How do they claim this product works to combat all of the above skin issues?

The cream claims to repair the barrier function. As we know a broken barrier function is the main cause of many skin issues.

For those that don't know what the barrier function does - its function is to protect the body from excessive water loss, as well as preventing the penetration of harmful compounds via the epidermis.

What product panda did?

We visited forums all over the internet looking for women of all ages and skin types, with the skin problems that the Repair and Renew cream claims to combat. We asked volunteers for their honest feedback on how effective it was compared to current products they use.

About the selected women:

We selected women who were aged between 30 and 70, with various skin types and skin conditions. These varied from normal skin through to scaly skin and those with problematic skin through to those just looking to brighten up their dull skin.

The ingredients:

The product contains lots of natural ingredients that can be found in the kitchen. Interestingly we couldn't put our finger on a key ingredient, so presumably it's the combination that they believe works the magic. At first glance this looks like a nightmare for those with oily skin but we'll let our volunteers be the judge of that.

Application and absorption:

➡️ Takeaway - Only a fingertip sized amount is needed. All skin types seemed to absorb very small amounts of cream quite easily by simply applying and rubbing it in a circular motion.

➡️ Caution - If you use too much you'll need to rub it off as it will sit on top of the skin. This was common across all skin types.

➡️ Results - The majority of women said when the correct amount was applied their skin absorbed the cream as good as, or better than their every day moisturiser.

After feeling:

➡️ Takeaway - One of the highlights with this cream was how apparent it was that the skin felt wonderful after application. Our volunteers said that their skin felt extremely well moisturised and soft.

➡️ Caution - On the other hand if you use too much of the cream your skin will feel extremely greasy.

➡️ Results - The majority of women said immediately after using the product their skin felt as good as, or better than using their everyday moisturiser.


➡️ Takeaway - Due to the cream claiming to repair the barrier function, it's extremely important that the product holds moisture for a significant amount of time and it didn't seem to disappoint. Our panel overwhelmingly reported that when applying the product in the evening they woke up with very well moisturised skin.

➡️ Results - Over a 2 week period the majority of women said their skin felt like it held the same or more moisture the following morning, compared to when they used their everyday moisturiser.

Excess Oil:

➡️ Takeaway - The majority of women with oily skin felt that when they used the right amount of cream they didn't suffer with a more oily look. This really surprised us!

➡️ Caution - A proportion of women with oily skin said that if they didn't rub the product in enough it could be rather overwhelming on their skin. One woman couldn't get to grips with the product and had to stop using it due to a more than normal oily appearance.

➡️ Results - The majority of women felt the product didn't leave them with more of an oily appearance than usual.


➡️ Takeaway - We had a mixed bag of results for women who used this product on their sensitive skin. The majority saw no flare ups and felt no discomfort after using the cream.

➡️ Caution - Two of the volunteers reported skin becoming inflamed when using the product for the first time and had to wash the product off. Both said their skin went back to normal the following morning. One woman did not want to use it again, the second tried it again 2 days later and had no adverse effects.

➡️ Results - The majority of women said that the product had no bearing on how sensitive their skin was and showed no positive or negative effects for controlling skin sensitivity.

Results - None of the participants reported back that this cream caused any form of acne.

Treating skin issues:

Eczema, Dermatitis & Psoriasis:
A majority of women reported that the cream had a positive impact on eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis over a 2 week period. Varying results included keeping it under control, to the problem disappearing entirely.
It should also be noted that a smaller percentage of ladies reported that it had no impact on these conditions. Important - None of the volunteers could report back as to whether or not this was a permanent fix or temporary whilst using the product.

3 of the women with adult acne tried this product for a 2 week period and as a result 2 of them felt this product had the same or more of an effect than previous products they had been using to control their acne.

This was 1 of 2 massive stand outs. Over 3/4 of women that used the cream that had some sort of facial redness, felt they saw a noticeable improvement. Some said the improvement was very significant and others said it was minimal, but the changes noted over a 2 week period were visible to the naked eye. Important - It's important to note that the women said they needed to continue to use the product. Upon waking up in the morning the rosacea came back, but once they used the cream again improvements would be visible again.

Dry Skin:
This was the second stand out. All women looking for an improvement on their dry skin said the cream made a significant difference in the appearance of dryer than normal skin.

Dull skin, thinning skin and uneven skin tone:
The majority of women said that their skin looked brighter and that the cream helped to even out their skin tone.

Important - None of the women felt like it made their skin feel thicker

Would our participants buy it themselves?
Overwhelmingly our participants said the pot was very small and costly at £19.99, however based on the results they saw, a large majority would continue to use the product and consider repurchasing once the cream ran out.

Based on the ingredients, we're unsure how so many of our participants are seeing such fantastic results, but does this really matter? It seems this cream could actually be what Amour Skincare is hyping this up to be. The most impressive thing is how quickly our volunteers were seeing results. The less impressive thing is that this product is not a cure, but something you will need to continue to use in order to see the results, which could get costly. Is it worth the investment? We'll let you decide.

We have no affiliation to Amour Skincare and receive no endorsement for making this review. Make sure you let us know your thoughts on the cream and what product you would like us to review next!