From a full face of makeup to a date with no makeup

Yeah, you read it right…….A date with a hot guy…...with NO makeup…….If someone would have said to me 3 months ago that I would be going on Costa Coffee dates with no makeup I would have choked on my coffee! BUT, here we are, and I’m going to tell you about the product that gave me the confidence to do it. (( And for those wondering how the date went, make sure you read until the end 😇))

In reality, until I found this product, I was just like most 19 year old girls, zits all over my face, appointments with doctors who would prescribe me some sort of antibiotic or cream that felt like it was burning my face off. After all, if it wasn’t prescribed by the doctor, surely it couldn’t work? WRONG.


Now you see the little jar in that pic, ^^^ ,let me tell you....I didn’t find it behind the counter at the pharmacy. The idea of buying this came from reading a blog. The writer sounded pretty sincere and the product had some pretty good reviews and some of the people writing the reviews seemed in the same predicament as me. So why not right? What’s another £20? Not like I could be spending it on countless vodka cokes in Popworld right now could I :(

Well anyways, the little MIRACLE in a pot (which I do not say lightly), is small, but most definitely mighty! Arrived 2 mornings later, NOW, I could have just used it there and then but if you’re like me, I have to wait for the evening because we all know what happens when your skin gets angry with a cream. :(. Also, the magic happens at night, you know?

Before I started to use this product, my skin could be described as very uneven and very dry with acne on both sides of my face.

Of course I can’t speak for other types of skin issues but my Momma has also tried this just to replenish and to get that ‘glow’ look and that’s exactly what she got! See the pic below!

I’m going to be honest and say I don’t know what it is about this product that has transformed my skin. I have no idea how it works and I also have no idea what would happen if I stopped using it. But based on the ingredients, there’s nothing harmful in it so I see no reason to stop using it. I mean, RIGHT NOW, I have a DREAM complexion, ((wouldn’t mind a tan but heyho)). I have NO spots and my skin feels as good as it actually looks.

Now let's talk about confidence. My reason for writing this blog (my first blog!) was to say a HUGE thank you to Amour for introducing me to this product which has ultimately given me the confidence I could only have dreamed of having. Younger ladies need to know that we don’t necessarily need to use chemicals, or even steroid creams on our skin. We just need to find that needle in a haystack and I'm sending all you guys my prayers, that this is yours.

I just want to say I am not making any money from this blog. There is no referral link or coupon code. Amour Noir has said that they will sponsor this post if people like it though! Maybe my prince charming will see it and follow me on Instagram ((@TrinityJeanx)) ha! 

And for those of you wondering what happened with the Costa date…..He was cute, but he was ‘too nice’……………..ya know?

I’ve opened the comments up so you guys can all let me know how you get on with the cream!
Here’s to clear skin girlies!

Trinity x 

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